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Evercare offers professional health care services for elderly at home. The Companion Care offered by trained carers is the perfect solution to support and monitor your loved ones health.

Healthcare services for elderly at home

If you are like a major fraction of the elderly, you probably want to live in the comfort of your own home for as long as practically possible. This is because of the fact that living at home gives one a sense of independence and security. Healthcare services for the elderly at home are designed to provide support in-home. Moreover, the elderly health care is crafted in order to delay or prevent the elderly from moving into an assisted living community or a nursing home. Furthermore, in-home care would prove to be a more cost-effective option as compared to living in a home.

Elderly health care for seniors living at home includes many of the daily activities that become a hassle or just too difficult for seniors. These activities could include bathing, dressing, driving or even a simple task like grocery shopping. In-home elderly home care equips seniors to receive home health care, non-medical care and in some cases even companionship. Thus, seniors get to retain their independence without compromising on significant aspects of healthcare. With the number of seniors rising globally, the demand for home-based healthcare will expectedly spike, consequently leading to competitors offering better services at competent pricing.

A survey conducted recently on the subject indicated strongly that a majority of the elderly want to live in their homes for as long as possible. Being in their own homes provides a semblance of comfort and familiarity, a feeling that is hard to replicate in context of a home for the elderly. Moreover, assisted living communities have other residents too and many seniors may not be too comfortable with the idea of having to room with a stranger. Moreover, the feeling of independence has been proven to be a psychological advantage especially with regard to the elderly. For instance, take the case of a senior who has just undergone hip replacement surgery Instead of recuperating in a nursing home, the elderly patient can head home where a trained physical therapist can tend to their needs in the comfort of their home. The familiar surroundings and the luxury of your own bed can accelerate the pace of recovery. Another study revealed that senior patients who received elderly care services at home tended to visit their physicians less often as compared to those who recover in a hospice or nursing home.

Healthcare workers are fully equipped to provide almost all services that a hospital usually provides. Thus, they can be hired for complete healthcare needs or even specific requirements. Moreover, they can also provide relief to the patient’s spouse or other regular healthcare providers. Home-based healthcare has several associated benefits. For example,

when you compare it with recuperating alone in a hospital, home-based healthcare can advocate a longer lifespan and also a lesser risk of hospitalisation. This consequently leads to reduced medical bills as well. It’s important to know when to seek medical help and also to find the right type of caregiver who is experienced and qualified enough to provide healthcare at home.

It can be uncomfortable having family members help with highly personal tasks such as bathing and toileting. By assisting our clients with Activities of Daily Living, we can help enhance our clients’ quality of life at home. As a family caregiver, it’s just not possible to be there all the time. If your loved one enjoys their independence but is struggling with everyday activities, Companion Care is the solution to providing company, conversation and the safety of a dedicated care companion. Our Companion Care services include:
  • Assistance with light exercise and outdoor activity
  • Companion Visits – doctor visits, scheduling, reading, correspondence, hobby sharing
  • Cognitive stimulation – memory games & recreational activities Friendly and supportive conversation
  • Home monitoring
  • Respite Care