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Evercare provides clients with hospital-quality care by offering a range of professional nursing care plans, empowering them to live with dignity and independence.

Professional nursing care plans

Professional nursing care plans provide an effective means of care for patients recuperating or needing care in the aftermath of illness. The right plan would go a long way in ensuring that the patient is able to cope with their condition with dignity and a fair measure of independence. Quality patient care is the natural outcome of a professional nursing care plan. Moreover, a nursing care plan documents the entire chronology of care that was administered. This is extremely useful when you want to provide the records to health insurance companies or just to keep as part of your medical records.

In most of the hospitals or nursing workplaces, patient care is a collaborative effort focused on boosting the pace of patient recovery. Regardless of whether it is one nurse who is taking over from another when the shift is over or a team work involving several nurses, having an effective and consistent nursing care plan is what will ensure that the patient gets optimum care without compromising on care or commitment.

The right nursing care plan comprises all the important and relevant information that reveals the diagnosis, the aims of the treatment regimen, the designated nursing orders and a plan that focuses on evaluation. However, during the course of the patient’s care, the nursing plan is consistently updated with emerging information and new revelations.

The nursing diagnosis lists out the health problems and conditions associated with the patient. This information is then utilised to influence the course of care that the patient will receive. The assessment of the patient includes physiological, psychological and sociocultural data that aid in forming a nursing care plan.

After the diagnosis, the next step in establishing the right nursing care plan is to chart out short-term as well as long-term goals for the betterment of the patient. For instance, if the patient is diagnosed with acute pain, the aim would be to alleviate the pain as well as to start a new course of drugs.

Nursing care plans then involve the checklist of how to go about caring for the patient. These might include checking vital signs every few hours, asking questions to ascertain how the patient is feeling and providing the necessary medication. Moreover, this stage will also include a lot of specifics on timeframes and dosages. The plan is then adjusted to be in sync with the changing scenario of the patient’s health. All the data is then carefully documented or fed into a database that keeps a record of patient progress. Through the entire duration of the patient’s stay, their condition will be studied and evaluated so that the nursing plan is updated accordingly. As progress is made towards the eventual goal, the results are used to verify if the nursing plan needs to be changed or updated. Nursing care plans provide direction for individual care of the client. The right plan touches upon the patient’s unique needs.

When it comes to care, it can be difficult to determine what you or your loved ones need, Evercare finds you the right support at the right time. At Evercare, we help clients recover and rehabilitate after a major illness. With a team of nurses and Care Professionals, we assess your needs and offer professional and holistic care support in the comfort of your home. Our digital platform helps you stay connected to your loved ones so you can enjoy a peace of mind while at work or traveling. We make recovery and rehabilitation at home comfortable and safe, empowering you to live with dignity and independence.

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Each Care Professional at Evercare is interviewed, background checked and personally vetted by our Care Team. We have created a set of proprietary training tools and content to encourage our nurses to deepen their learning and remain relevant.



We have developed a custom-built digital platform to track and monitor your progress, we send regular updates and reminders to your family members and loved ones so they can enjoy a peace of mind while working or traveling.
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Before each home visit, you will receive prior information about the visiting nurse, including their background, picture and skillset.

Home care benefits

Home care provides trusted care support to your home. We serve clients who want to recover and rehabilitate at home after a hospital stay or those who need additional support to avoid unnecessary hospitalisation. It is an increasingly popular option for individuals who value their independence and want to maintain their existing lifestyle.

  • Provides a safe and comfortable environment for you
  • Prevents communicable diseases (infectious diseases e.g. influenza, tuberculosis, measles) which may be caught at hospitals
  • Reduces stress levels of being in an unfamiliar place
  • Allows you to live independently and maintain your social activities for better mental health
  • Enables family members to stay better connected



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When it comes to care, it can be difficult to determine your loved one’s needs on your own. An initial Evercare Assessment is important to ensure the most appropriate level of care.

Customer testimonials

“Evercare's given me really great nurses who have not only given great care to my father but also a positive and caring attitude and really helped me and my family get through this difficult time.They've lifted a lot of weight and worry off of my shoulders so I'm really grateful to have found them.”

- Karen
"Their nurses are patient, caring and professional. The great thing about their service is that they will send out digital updates of your loved one’s health condition to relevant family members. This is really helpful for those of us who need to go to work and do not live with our elderly parents. This gives us a peace of mind while at work.” 

- Joanne
“Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended me to Evercare, they sent a nurse to my home who spoke English and was a wound specialist. I had a case manager, Sandy, who sent updates to my family so that they could see my progress from the U.S. I quickly recovered and I've recommended Evercare to all my friends ever since.”

- Kenneth
“Having experienced Evercare’s service, I think it’s worth recommending it to anyone who needs home care, or are looking for professional caregivers to look after the elderly. I’m confident that their caregivers are well trained and Evercare can find you the right nursing care you need."

- Janice
"Evercare has been a great help in finding the right health care professionals to help look after my father in a very short time. They are understanding and caring, and are able to accomodate for the patient’s changing needs very quickly. The health care professionals they have placed us with are very professional."

- Ms. Wei