Referral Programme

Refer your friends to Evercare
Make $100 and more!

Family First! At Evercare, you are like family to us, we like to share and give back.

We’re looking for Health Care Professionals to join our Evercare team!

  • Registered/Enrolled nurses
  • Health Care Assistants
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Dietitians, etc.

For Existing Evercare Health Care Professionals (HCP)
Refer a HCP friend, registers online and passes the interview, get $100.

Please share this page and remind your HCP friends to:

1. Complete Application Form

2. ​Select Their Interview Time

3. Fill in the full English name (as per HKID) of the referrer

​For enquiries, please call 3905-4003 during office hours.

1. Is there a limit on how much I can earn?
As a referrer, you can introduce more than one applicant. The number is unlimited. The more referrals, the better!
2. Do I have to be registered on the Evercare platform to refer other Health Care Professionals?
​Yes, the referrer must be a registered member of EVERCARE’s existing Care Team.
3. As a Referrer, what do I have to do to get $100?
As a referrer, you can only earn a bonus of $100 if the applicant attends the interview and successfully passes the interview round.
You must make sure that the applicant fills in your English name in full (as per HKID card) as referrer identification.
4. What happens when two or more referrers refer the same applicant?
If two or more referrers refer the same applicant, the first referrer’s record will prevail and be processed.
5. How will I receive my bonus?
All bonuses will be calculated on a monthly basis and be mailed by cheque to the referrer or applicant’s address registered on the application form.

Evercare reserves the right to modify the programme structure, including these Terms & Conditions or to terminate the referral programme at any time.

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